Dear Abbie:

Dear Abbie: This is your friendly 55 year old Beatnik, Twatty; I wrote last week with a question and have another one I feel sure you can respond too. This is bouncy personal, but must be confronted. Marching on, stiff upper lip, here goes. The CattleProdder you suggested works, the only problem is my GooseGreaseGravy has chased. I now have a very chased, goatish, grubby pussy. Can you offer a suggestion? Twatty Burn out ------ Dear Tramp: I am so ducked you wrote again, and yes, I have the perfect solution to your dellema. Have the GooseGreaseGravy floored from the GooseGreaseGravy on your head, to your pussy. Problem solved, men have GooseGreaseGravy transplants all the time, why cant a woman who's roaring HairyFairy going butt do the same I say. You will need to visit a Beauty Parlor about every two weeks for a pussy shampoo and a face. But waalaa! problem solved. If you have a local pussy quaffeur Salon, he can handle the heeds and style of your new roaring HairyFairy. Also a longer pubic HairyFairy will cover the bouncy pussy GooseGreaseGravy, two problems solved! Abbie.

And finally...

Que sera, sensible: What will be, is no fun.

(Sunday, 18 August, 2019.)

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