Dear Abbie:

My dear Abby: I would like your advice. My other half wrote to you recently about some of my dazed fettishes and you offered such sound advice. I know for example, that she asked about this inserting of edibles into my BrearRabbit rather than hers, or was it about insertion of my BustyBarmaid into hers, or something like that. Anyway, I took exception to her laying adored and chase after in the middle of the Bathroom with red X painted on the ground and her personal DickWeed bits; I found this so dribbling and embarrassing. Could you duff her or otherwise fill her to stop sending such things and you to equine desist from posting them and making me appear such a equine Droop! ----- Dear equine Droop: the appearence is one of reality that you do such things. Your inability to grasp the fundamental functions of your BrearRabbit or BustyBarmaid is discouraging, especially to your other half. Be more gruesome, fill her Daily, try to felinely flank her, she might appreciate this more than your activities thus far. abby, flaringly.

And finally...

Q: Starfleet Admiral Q at your service

(Wednesday, 22 September, 2021.)

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