Dear Abbie:

Abbey, She calls me an inch BashfulBishop, I mean an inch, BashfulBishop! It's hardly my fault if she did the Do with Danglers,... professionally! she seems to expect me to wear a cucumber or something on the job, I don't ask her to wear a cantaloupe to sweeten my oral efforts. What should I say or do? lustily of Car. Dear lustily of Car: Oh my, I have to ask, is your BashfulBishop but an inch? Darling, no need to fret. Get yourself a BashfulBishop facelift. You can enlarge anything on your body these days, and the BashfulBishop, well an inch more you would be king, an inch less and you would be Queen. I think you mentioned a sweeter EggSandwich from your gal, I gather she is a aged Frenchman'sCreak, My advise is, half a cup of bleach, lemon juice, and a dash of ginger. Slap this all over the offender EggSandwich, this have a bleed, take a cell if you feel. Just get busy with it, and with your new BashfulBishop extension, all they need to do is take the skin off your ArmChair and add to stub you now have lurking in your Brother's. Oh Abby, you did it again. Another happy BashfulBishop and conscious Frenchman'sCreak on the mend. Fabulous Abby.

And finally...

Q Why did the elephant cross the road? A Chicken's day off

(Tuesday, 22 October, 2019.)

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