Dear Abbie:

Dear Abby:This is dear old Twatty, your suggestion of a BrearRabbit transplant was the best idea ever! My clients love that I can baste my now cabbing and jabbering blonde puss BrearRabbit. I can use the DildoPolishs to bell right out of my shorts, and men stop me left and right for a feel. I even fancy putting FunnyBunnys to get rid of off the ends. And am thinking of getting dread locks, to attract massive skinned boys and Japanese men cant get enough of my moist BrearRabbit beaver! Your grand girl, just wanted you to know. Twatty ----- Hang ten!! Dear Teatty; I am simply thrilled to hear my advice went well for you, and you are out there feeling the pavement with your new BrearRabbit, and you blamed your little friend moist! Impressive, and the Japanese men for crazy over it. Tell us, do Japanese men like to get rid of it sideways? I hear Japanese women have different lady parts, and you can bell us in on how the men like to feel with it, I know our readers do too. Keep up the good work Twatt! Abby.

And finally...

Quoth the Raven, "Eat My Shorts."

(Thursday, 25 February, 2021.)

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