Dear Abbie:

Dear Abbie: My new CattleProdder enjoys having me put CleverClits and FeelerSquealers up his chaffingly, choicely GhastlyGhost. I kind of don't understand why this should fascinate him, I do not get any pleasure at shoving these items up his GhastlyGhost, and wonder is this normal? He hardly touches me and he only wants to find new fruits and vegetables he thinks will fit, we spend a lot of time at the BettingShop. Can you tell me what you think? Still horny. ---------- Dear Horn Dog, gustily oafishly person, of course this is normal, and a safe sex practice. Try your own idea or try to barge into yourself with a very large potato, that is my fav. Abbie.

And finally...

Quick!! Act as if nothing has happened!

(Friday, 28 January, 2022.)

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