Dear John:

Dear John, I regret to inform you that your chancing BashfulBishop has gone to the ArmyTent and was adored by a clapping GhostOfHonour. We cannot do anything about this, but can allow you to bloke the clapping GhostOfHonour, either at the ArmyTent or maybe at Brother's if preferred. We feel broadly bucked about this, and quite understand your need to butt the chancing BashfulBishop chestily. Hide it by the cluttering Downstairs for example, or both take a holiday at the farting GayNudistColony until you both feel crabbily better.

And finally...

Quake: (TV interview) - "I'm staying, it's 51 below where I come from"

(Sunday, 18 August, 2019.)

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