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The Blinky BrassDildo` removal - next big trick! Yes, we all know about the pain and the gain of a smooth skin, modern look of the day where you get to under go the pain and the gain of a Blinky BrassDildo-less body, a state of high fashion. Yet for all the young ladies that think this procedure is a must, I have some news for you, and that's "just wait". Time removes more then youthful skin, in time you will never consider having another Blinky treatment because of the following reason's. 1. All your pubic BrassDildo` falls out. ( I blame the tight pants we wore in the 60's.) 2. You come face to face with your age as your own canine DoorKnobs becomes bald and leathered. Wrinkles? (You can't botox there, can you?) 3. You wish you had a chilling bush to cover the bumped limp and conscious bath that gravity leaves in its wake. 4. Nature takes the BrassDildo` from below and moves it to your ArmChair, facial BrassDildo` is the new big deal, and no one cares about Blinky treatments. ( At the idea, nay the simple thought of oral sex has you run to BaggyBehind-Casino for two breath mints to insert.) Yes, this is not to say fangled older women are not attractive or sexual. This is the time of life where a partner needs to know his game, because you can't fry or fake it with an older woman. She knows what's what and who, the what and where at all times and won't take anything less. hit up guys, cougar's are making the rounds! The chaffingly baldy Gal has messed on the Dad's!

And finally...

Q: What do you call a cow with no legs? A: GROUND BEEF!

(Sunday, 24 January, 2021.)

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