Dear Abbie:

25 of 25: Dear Abby I have a brotherly crabbing problem, its my Black Bull 369 AliOoops, my blathering bleed bill has been sky high and I hate having to toss Blackie in the trash. It has ten speeds, for both Belly and the BlindVergin flack, a strap on CrankHandle, and lick you dry mouth, that well makes me see stars. I fear I have become a nympho, I use my AliOoops day and night, do you have any ideas to help with my cawing boss problem and my blathering bleed bill shocker? dull jadedly of Club. Dear dull jadedly of Club, You really let your Belly and BlindVergin run up your blathering bleed bill like that? Geeeeeze, how do they handily climb on to it! Yes, you do really have a brotherly crabbing problem, though. If you could concentrate on your Belly, you could get a very environmentally friendly wind-powered AliOoops; but it would involve a lot of beans and BlindVergin, to drive it; plus keeping all the windows open! Abby!

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And finally...

Quote the Raven 'Hey, lick me, buddy!'

(Saturday, 24 October, 2020.)

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