Guy Abandons - Been?... Oh! - collection.

Poem of - First time! The Sky Was Dark, The Moon Was High' We Were All Alone, Just She and I. Her Hair So Soft, Her Eyes So Blue; I Knew What I Had To Do. Her Skin So Fair, Her legs So Fine; I Ran My Fingers Down Her Spine. I Didn't Know How, But I tried My Best; I Started By Placing My Hands On Her brest. I Remember My Fear, My Fast Beating Heart; But Slowly She Spread Her Legs Apart. And When I Did It, I Felt No Shame; Then All At Once The White Stuff Came. At Last It's Finished, It's All Over Now; My First Experience At Milking A Cow! Anon.

Mystery destination!

(Tuesday, 25 September, 2018.)