Guy Abandons - Been?... Oh! - collection.

Been?... Oh!... This collection is often rude, lude and crude, seldom prude. NOT for under 18's, nor sensitive sensibilities. This collection is an assortment of stories,amusing to some, so don't go reading it if you aren't one of them. Don't moan to me about it if you do and find that you aren't. Also: There are humourous verses more or less, the odd one may not even be verse, though may well remain odd. The usual warning applies, if you are not sure you like anything that could be sexually suggestive, then don't read any more. If you do read more and find you don't like sexually suggestive material, don't read it again and don't blame me for reading it this time either. so: here it is to read at your - leisure, pleasure or horror! Guy Abandon. Contents: Story of - Fun bite at the Ok coral. Ballad of -Big Richard D. Longest and William Tewshort. Poem of - Age?.... Story of - HOLIDAY, part 1; Thought of - My needs: Poem of - First time! Story of - HOLIDAY, part 2; Poem of - Clockwork Soldier; Story of - Knight times; Poem of - PEACEFUL: (a knight-time verse) Stories of - SHEEP; Poem of - MEGA_BYTeh; Comment of - MIDNIGHT: (a sporting commentary) Story of -SoftWare-PARTY; Comment of - I'm tired; Poem of - ye Jugsy!: (the other version)

Mystery destination!

(Thursday, 12 December, 2019.)