Guy Abandons - Been?... Oh! - collection.

Knight night Kitty! In days of old, when knights were bold, and kitties curled up, snoring; knights ran hard, around the yard, and kitties yawned "quite boring!". They got a horse, and tried of course, to mount it while it pranced; the knights did fail, and two did wail, while kitties stirred and glanced. The knights were smart, they got a cart, and put the horse beside it; but horse was wise, he rolled his eyes, and kitties smirked a bit. The knights climbed up, and gathered up, the reins and lept astride; but horse skipped round, knights hit the ground, and kitties grinning sighed! Not defeated, nor be cheated, knights gave chase with rope; knights were panting, kitties chanting, "as source of fun, there's hope". With rope and rein, they chased in vain, to catch the horsely figure; they found it wearing, took to swearing, and kitties softly snigger. Some knight then thought, that horse be caught, buy surrounding as a crowd; but knightly wangle, made them tangle, and kitties laughed out loud! Sir naughty knight, he took delight, in chasing kitties madly; but horse he came, with deadly aim, gave knight a hoof print, gladly. They all accused, then stopped and mused, at Naughty on all fours; We'll get a ride, the nobles cried, and kitties clapped their paws. They rode him hard, around the yard, until they found it boring; Sir Naughty fled, from horsely dread, so kitties curled up, snoring. RobH, smiling!

Mystery destination!

(Friday, 29 May, 2020.)