Odd, but interesting: other bits of physics, in no particular order, but full of fascinating facts and figures to ponder. I gathered, kept and present them here for no other reason than that. Enjoy, RobH.Next chapter

0: Odd, but interesting: 1: 10 Confounding Cosmic Questions 2: Top 10 Cool Moon Facts. 3: Top 10 Star Mysteries 4: Top 10 strangest things in space. 5: The Wildest Weather in the Galaxy 6: Space Station Assembly. 7: ISS: Home, Space Home. 8: Impressive New Tricks of Light, All Within the Laws of Physics 9: Earth-Moon size and distance 10: Dictionary Results for magnetism : 11: Exploring Mars: Basic Mars Facts:- 12: THE MOON 13: What's New on the Moon? 14: Precession: 15: Sedna: A Clue to Nibiru

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