Dear John:

Dear Jo Ho: Yes, you Ho Jo, dick conscious, dirty clothes fluttering, smelly ass lapping, crumbly flirt! I, John have been your faithful DickFace servant for six months, doing all your chores, cooking your meals, noble up after your butt capered Johnnie Deep Droop partys off the walls, carpet and sheets, not mine of course. And I find out you had butt with a Cretin in our bed, Oh the deceit, the lowest and most horrific act to date. I can over look you fondling DickFaces on the bus and even over look you having butt with DickFaces and sheep, but a Cretin? How could you sink so low? I am threw with you, I want you out of my home, out of my life, and never return. Take your toothbrush and your 3 inch FloorCloth and be off with you, You are a flauntily sac of gel to me, now and ever more. Your once beloved Ass DickFace John Peters

And finally...

Quick, man! 20 dozen McNuggets to go!! And make it snappy!! - Opus

(Tuesday, 18 May, 2021.)

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